“Nostalgy for the Future” by Samra Koricic Mujkic

Nostalgy for the Future link – Kindle edition 🙂 Tell me what You think 🙂


Extract from the book:

“…Aydan closed his eyes, concentrating on the music. He could not explain the effects this ancient music had on his brains. He quietly rejoiced the fact that it was the only organ impossible to replace by bionic tissue. Some people requested lobotomy and brain implants that made them do things flawlessly. No more mistakes. Humans became more productive and efficient but were unable to feel anything anymore. They were reduced to humanoids, having no personality whatsoever. Still, many people decided to perform lobotomy from this very reason and it was slowly becoming a trend. Being able to feel was no privilege in the third millennium. It was a drawback, a nuisance. Having feelings meant seeing the world after the Ex-Cave, 3SD, the world in a balloon. The World that was broken into tiny, sharped-edged pieces impossible to assemble, neither as a puzzle nor a kaleidoscope. The World created of disintegrated parts of the Universe…”


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