Why I love fantasy so much


I also like fantasy theme so much…any fairy tale you have even been told is fantasy..there are so many great tales and books inspired by fantasy… Alice in Wonderland is one my favorite childhood books, today LOTR and Harry Potter are most famous fantasy stories that were successfully put on movie screens…and even though fantasy is so demanding for realization on screen, when directors do it successfully and have a budget big enough, product is that amazing feeling that put me, and I am sure many of you, in the first raw (second or third the most) of audience in cinema…

There s so much reasons to love and admire Tolkien’s books and world he created, some people even call it “alternative history of the world”…  You will read more about it in my future posts… How LOTR trilogy was inspired and made into book, is just fascinating.. More data to come (so sleepy right now ! 😉 )


Biography of J.K. Rawling and making of Harry Potter is equally fascinating.. I will put more data and links here about it too..


Stories about making a LOTR and Harry Potter are one of those stories that are really inspiring for future writers, full of universal, golden truths about great books, great writing and great writers. How You can go all the way if You put your heart, imagination and all of your effort in to it. And never give up.

Much more about these books, and others, in my new posts..

The book that inspired my imagination and love for fantasy when I was a child was Faeries, by Brian Froud, now in a new, edited version. Beautiful special book and a way your child will be hooked on a fantasy.. forever.. 🙂


Fantasy… If space is the final frontier in sci-fi… imagine the world where even space is not the limit.. in fantasy world there are no frontiers or gates or science.. the only “craft” that carries you around is your imagination… How cool is that 🙂