“Eternal winter of Walt Disney”

This is one of my short stories.. One great winter in Sarajevo few years ago inspired it…

Eternal Winter of Walt Disney 

Ice was covering his face, eyes deadly closed and unusual color of his cheeks… One tuft of hair on the forehead was also stopped in the cold fetters of time and space. He was waiting.

Under cover of years and layers of marine organisms, disappeared long time ago from the face of the Earth, he was sleeping.

My expedition was not aiming at him. But we were not too surprised. We knew that the Disney’s capsule was lost.

It was written W.D. on it in golden letters, in those decorative script. When we hit the capsule, we thought it was another iceberg, and we were just about to turn a thermal cannon button, when the scanners showed that it was not iceberg.

It was creator of Mickey and Goofy. Frozen. For hundreds of years. According to his wishes. Medicine has never come, at least for now, to the point where he would be interesting to someone. He was still very dead and very frozen. And in such a capsule could float up to infinity, even if the temperature on Earth went to other extreme…

But it didn’t. Winter was our extreme. Eternal winter on Earth. We knew that it was final. It may be that in a two million years, according to calculations of scientists, some change will occur, but for now, at a time when we, the survivors of Earth, lived, it meant just that. Eternal winter. Minuses who raved all alive and semi-living and potentially live in small pieces. Winter, which meant that the Nature was the enemy, now and forever. Winter, which has captured the once beautiful planet in a chains of ice, darkness and cold.

Only with high technology and Watson’s invention of combustion glaciers with giant turbines that produce vast amounts of energy, life was maintained, if we can call this life.

Our newest model amphibian “Adjust3000” could overcome any terrain, was optimally safe and warm. New amphibians were made from the strongest material known in our universe and the most robust – only Lexus was able to withstand the new conditions, without breaking or corroding. Only the Lexus stood between us and the horrors of winter.

We ate in silence wondering what to do with the capsule, we could just leave it, but it was a valuable finding, from the time of war.

Then they destroyed almost all the monuments and traces of the past. Everything that was older than 50 years was almost miraculous.

Yes, the only survivors were billiard balls. And we, in our Lexus ships.

So, we decided to pull it along. We thought that this way our study would turned out to be more valuable, in the end.

In Base, authorities were not very happy. They commented they don’t have enough place for our ships, let alone found capsules, and that they do not care too much who froze himself, when, or why.

However, the command from the top was – send it to the Research Center at Cold Town East 37, where they had the best equipment. The plan was to store it in a container and forget about it. They knew that there was no technology that could make him come alive. It would be disgusting to expose him to public eye, so they decided not to do that either.

So it was. And all would have passed it so, if it wasn’t for… Hmm… A NEW contact. ONCE AGAIN, they were looking for samples. After nearly five hundred years since the first contact happened, it was incredible how primitive Earthen were responded to contact from space.

Contacts occurred in dynamics of every ten years, which was, we have calculated, the time required for their message to travel to us. What meant that they are very far away.

However, we have sent the answers. To let them know that we are intelligent beings. And that we destroyed the conditions for life on our planet totally by accident. And that we need all the help we can get.

Until that moment, they have not sent help, just weird, encrypted messages. Our best brake-coder teams have been working on them. But the results were almost negligible. We were not speaking their language, nor did we succeed in finding a pattern, and that was all to it.

Then they send the drawing. They realized after 60 years of correspondence that we understand pictures a little better. This last we figure out. They were looking for a sample of a human being. To see what we are made ​​of.

And since Walt was so well preserved, and did not have intention to wake up soon, we sent him. According to the coordinates they gave us.

And, after exactly ten years, the answer has arrived. This time the emerald green package, medium size.

Very carefully, with the intervention of an expert teams for possible deactivation of explosive devices, we opened it.

It contained three things. A small gold plate that was, we assumed, some kind of a memory card, a ring engraved with “WD” which was formerly belonged to the one who we so generously sent to them, and his gold spectacles.

We were confused. None of the devices that we possessed could broadcast content that we get. After vain attempts to clear out what was preserved in an unusual case, which we will probably invent in the next thousand years, we gave up, as usual, after attempting a demystification of gifts of our Alien friends.

We told another joke in which the joke is on our own, residual, account, and stored gold plate of Alien Brothers, as we affectionately called them, in the same closely guarded room where we kept all of their gifts.

It was a treasury of wonders… At least for us they were wonders. The first gift we received 500 human years ago, it was some kind of a telescope. We still did not know how to use it. Then we get great number of some golden balls. Then they stopped sending them, probably after they realized that we do not understand their purpose. Then they send the unusual objects made ​​of different materials, which analysis showed that it possess completely unknown elements to us. Their purpose was also another great mystery. Then they send the “toys”, so we called them, some unusual lever, which were rhythmically shifting and knocking when they turned.

Then came the series of a black panels marked with the symbols in metallic colors.

None of the above was meaningful to us. With the knowledge that we possess at that moment, we could just hit them on the floor like a monkey in a Clark’s “Odyssey”.

And from that we were still refrained. At least most of us did…

We published on the main video-wall info that we received another “message” and that we are working on its deciphering, President of all the Presidents was thinking what kind of message would be necessary at this time.. He decided to go with an ecologic one. He was a very imaginative man.

The idea was to maintain peace and optimism. If we have no idea what we are doing, we should at least leave the opposite impression. A classic bluff. Still, very effective.

For the wider public, our communication with the Alien Brothers was incredibly successful from the first contact, which was a prove of our successful evolution as a specie. Of course, we had no clue what weirdoes want from us. Why they are contacting us in the first place, and what are they trying to say? Do they want peace, war, our remaining resources, help us to draw ourselves from the ice?

A few of us who knew the truth – that we are just as stupid, or at least approximately, as 500 years ago, were intrigued.

We had some unusual methods of testing the unusual objects. When nobody could see us, we played golf with a golden balls, or simply throw them against the wall. All objects were indestructible. Or at least, we didn’t find them a vulnerable point.

In the next shipment a strange black cube arrived, with a hole for a gold plate – as we understand. With reflex of trained monkeys, we inserted a plate, obtained decade earlier, in a black cubical projector. Although we have tried this in a controlled environment, and with a protective suits, the beam of light blinded us for a moment. The projection intelligently chose the position and the surface, the first flat and light one that was around.

On the opposite wall, we watched the gold-like beam of light turning into images – animated fawn that runs down the slope, and then, very awkwardly, sliding on the frozen lake …






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