About me

I named this site after a story I wrote, “Nostalgy for the future: One Red Box Story”(link).

I was born in 1976. in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina (in a Gemini sign :)). I had a pretty normal childhood, Bihac is a beautiful town in a north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina, with beautiful nature and most beautiful river in the whole World, Una.


In April 1992, few months after war in Bosnia and Herzegovina started, I become a refugee, with my mom and my younger brother I went to Zagreb, Croatia, where I continued my high school.  After the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that lasted almost four years, I stayed in Zagreb and study Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science.

After graduation I went to live in Sarajevo, where I broaden my knowledge and had my master of science in area of Politics and International Relations.


I worked as a journalist, for newspaper, radio and TV, then as a PR and now I also have interesting job in area of international relations, that gives me opportunities to travel and see the World.

I live in London now where my work brought me. London is great in so many ways and I am still discovering it every day, I love big cities with so much history, culture, art, so colorful and so universal and international… You feel like at home here no matter where are you from, if You have a cosmopolitan spirit, London is a right town for you. And it is so inspirational if you want to be a writer or artist of any kind…

My themes of interests/research, like my hobbies, are diverse. From human rights and international relations, to art, literature and futurology.
I enjoy writing very much, not just journalistic articles and research papers, I really enjoy writing short stories, mostly Science-Fiction and Fantasy.

I like to believe that only with a “Leonardo da Vinci kind of vision”, universal vision, we can analyse the World around us, and be complete. Hope one day in a soon future I will make a PhD in area of International Relations inspired by works of Futurists and ideas of Futurology.

On January 2010. with a group of friends in Sarajevo I started a Sarajevo Science Fiction Club PULSAR. We did some great things and I am very proud of us, you can read about it (and see pictures) on our FB group SASFC PULSAR.

I will put for You here some great quotes about the future, as I hope they will inspire You too. On this site You will be able to read some of my short sci-fi and fantasy stories. Also, I will put links on interesting articles and facts from different internet and media sources.

I hope You will enjoy visiting this site, and I will try to put new content as often as possible…

Keep dreaming and remember, sky is (not) a limit. Felix proved this 🙂


10375952_10152850812612815_9117506394285881981_nCamden Market, London


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