Why I love science-fiction so much

Schomburg5As a big fan of sci-fi theme, I made this site and named it after a short novel I wrote and publish on Kindle, Nostalgy for the Future.

Authors of Science fiction are great visionary people of our time, people who changed this world, using their knowledge, education and imagination combined into their ingenious work… They inspired discoveries in science and what is equally important – they inspire is to see beyond the horizons and think out of the box, every day…

My favorite authors in science-fiction are H.G. Wells, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Arthur C. Clark, Neil Gaiman.. and my favorite books are: 1984;  The Brave New World; Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep; The Man in the High Castle; Fahrenheit 451; 2001:A Space Odyssey; Dune; I, Robot; American Gods; and so many more, authors and books..


My favorite movies are Equilibrium; AI: Artificial Intelligence; Blade Runner; 2001: A space Odyssey; The Matrix; Back to the Future; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; 12 Monkeys; 5th Element; Avatar; Wall-e; Interstellar; and so many more…


I love Sci-fi serials like Star Wars; Star Trek; Red Dwarf; Dr Who, and I am a huge fan of most famous representatives of Sci-fi geeks anywhere, serial The Bing Bang Theory.


And that is just a beginning of explaining… why I love science-fiction so much… it will be continued… 😉

May the force be with You, always 🙂